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high alumina castables

Typical & Average Data of High Alumina Castables

Item Code Brand Al₂O₃ % (Min) Fe₂O₃ % (Max) Grain size Mm (Max) CCS kg/cm² @ 110°C PLC % Max. Dry Density kg/m³ (Min.) Refractori ness °C Recommended Service Temp in °C (Max.) Application Area
WHA880.8 GIT HEAT-‘A’ 88 0.8 5 650 ±1.0@ 1550°C 2750 1820 1750 BOF and Steel Ladle Bottom.
WHM 801.5 GIT HEAT-‘M’ 80 1.5 5 600 ±0.8@ 1550°C 2650 1804 1700 Steel Ladle Spout.
WHK 601.0 GIT HEAT-‘K’ 60 1 5 400 ±1.5@ 1550°C 2200 1683 1600 Nozzle Cover tip casting, Sponge Iron, Rotary Kiln Inlet etc
WHK 501.5 GIT HEAT-‘C’ 50 1.5 5 350 ±1.0@ 1550°C 2100 1665 1550 Steel Ladle Back up, Sponge Iron Rotary Kiln, Ladle lip etc. Furnace walls, pre-heater of Rotary Kiln etc.

High Alumina Castables – Ferrous Refractories

High Alumina Castables also known as Non-Ferrous Refractories have extremely High Strengths and Volume Stability at all Temperatures. Designed with high proportions of alumina, high-alumina castables contain between 60 to 90 percent alumina. They are much more robust at high temperatures and in basic environments; they can be easily applied in critical area where conventional bricks cannot be laid. If you are looking to buy refractories for your Industry Check what our Experts says about this 6 Proven Methods to select the Right Refractory for your Requirement. Please check at our Blog – Selecting Right Refractory.

Various Applications of High Alumina Castables:- 

  • Ferrous metallurgy
  • Non-ferrous metallurgy
  • Petro Chemical Industries
  • Cement Plants
  • Fertilizer industries

Various Advantages of High Alumina Castables:-

  • High corrosion resistance to acidic slag
  • Low thermal Conductivity
  • Low thermal expansion
  • High resistance to Abrasion
  • Excellent Wear resistance.
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