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high alumina chm bricks for non-ferrous industry

High Alumina CHM bricks for non-ferrous Industry-Typical & Average Data

Item Code Brand Al₂O₃% Min Fe₂O₃ % Max Min A.P. % Max CCS kg/cm² Min PCE Orton Cone Min. RUL Ta °C Min PLC % Max Application Area
HA503.5 GITA-50 50 3.50 2.30 24 350 33 1400 ±1.0 @ 1400°C Calcining zone of vertical shaft kilns of Lime & Cement (50 to 100) TPD capacity
HA603.5 GITA-60 60 3.50 2.40 23 400 34 1450 ±1.0 @ 1450°C Walls, Bottom & Roof of Reheat Furnaces, soaking pit walls and annealing furnaces
HA703.5 GITA-70 70 3.50 2.60 23 500 36 1470 ±2.5 @ 1450°C Working lining of steel ladle up to 60 T capacity, Cement Rotary Kilns.
HA802.0 GITA-80 80 2.00 2.80 20 600 38 1600 ±2.0 @ 1500°C Working lining for RF/VAD/VOD, cooler of cement Rotary kiln.

High Alumina CHM Bricks for Non-Ferrous Industry – High-alumina Refractories are made from bauxite, a naturally occurring material containing aluminum hydroxide (Al[OH]3) and kaolinitic clays. These raw materials are roasted to produce a mixture of synthetic alumina and mullite (an aluminosilicate mineral with the chemical formula 3Al2O3 · 2SiO2). By definition high-alumina Refractories contain between 50 and 87.5 percent alumina. They are much more robust than fireclay Refractories at high temperatures and in basic environments. In addition, they exhibit better volume stability and abrasion resistance. High-alumina CHM bricks are used in blast furnaces, blast-furnace stoves, and liquid-steel ladles. Our Experts has created this 6 Proven Methods to select the Right Refractory for your Requirement. Please check at our Blog – Selecting Right Refractory.

Various Applications of High alumina Refractories:- 

  • Ferrous metallurgy
  • Non-ferrous metallurgy
  • Petro Chemical Industries
  • Cement Plants
  • Fertilizer industries

Various Advantages of High alumina Refractories:- 

  • High corrosion resistance to acidic slag
  • Low thermal Conductivity
  • Low thermal expansion
  • High resistance to chemical attack
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