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refractory magnesite bricks
GIT-MGT 84 bricks

 Refractory Magnesite Bricks Typical & Average Data

Brand MgO% Min Cr₂O₃ % (Max) A.P. % (Max) B.D (gm/cc) (Min) C.C.S kg/cm² (Min) RUL Application Area
MCH 5812 MCH-T-1 58 12 23 2.8 350 1580 Fumace & Converter backup lining
MCH 6506 MCH-T-2 65 06 23 2.7 300 1500 Laddle Backup lining
Brand MgO% Min SiO₂% Min CaO% Max Cr₂O₃ % (Max) A.P. % (Max) B.D (gm/cc) (Min) C.C.S kg/cm² (Min) RUL Application Area
MGT 70 GITA-MGT-B-3 70 - 2.5 - 23 - 350 1550 BDF,VAD,Ladle,EAF,OH Furnace,and LD converters,Back Lining
MGT 857.5 GITA-MGT-85 85 7.5 2.5 - 22 - 350 1530 BDF,VAD,Ladle,EAF,OH Furnace,and LD converters,Back Lining
MGT 904.0 GITA-MGT-90 (D) 90 4.0 2.0 - 17 - 500 1600 Safety lining EAF &BOF

More Technical Details about Refractory Magnesite Bricks :

Magnesite (MgCo3) is used to produce magnesia refractories, also known as Refractory Magnesite Bricks. Magnesia fired at 16000°C is known as DBM or Dead Burned Magnesite which is essential in Production of magnesia based Refractory. The refractoriness of Magnesite bricks is about 18000°C. This is dependent on the Melting point of the bond. The RUL ranges from 14500°C to 17200°C. Spalling Resistance is poor for some grades and good for others. One reason for the poor Spalling resistance is a high coefficient of thermal expansion. Magnisite has the Highest thermal expansion coefficient among all Refractories. Spalling resistance is also dependent on the porosity. To improve the spalling resistance of Magnesite Bricks, Zirconium is sometimes added. Our Experts has created this 6 Proven Methods to select the Right Refractory for your Requirement. Please check at our Blog – Selecting Right Refractory.

Various Applications of Magnesite Refractories:- 

  • Ferrous metallurgy
  • Petro-chemical application
  • Cement plant application
  • Incinerators
  • Non-ferrous metallurgy

Various Advantages of Refractories:-

  • Spalling Resistance
  • High Refractoriness
  • High coefficient of thermal expansion
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