Induction Furnace
Basic Ramming Mass

Basic Ramming Mass (BRM)

Our BRM (Basic Ramming Mass) has been developed specifically for the Induction Furnace users, we have indigenously developed SupraBond™ MAG-RAM (IF and LFX) by investing a lot of effort and time in the process keeping in mind the gap that needs to be filled in this area by a much superior product. This product not only eases out the furnace operations but also has a significant saving in terms of energy, manpower and time.

Lastly, the adoption rate of BRM (Basic Ramming Mass) has improved significantly in India and Overseas market, in recent times as this product gains popularity as it offers many advantages compared to the conventional Acidic Ramming Mass and is a very viable alternative to Neutral Ramming Mass as well.

Our product SupraBond™ MAG-RAM (IF and LFX) are suitable for all kinds of Induction Furnaces size varying from 1 MT up to 44 MT capacity, the furnace age does not depend on the performance and life that our product guarantees.

Average life of BRM depends upon several factors like:

 Type of steel produced

  • (C.I., M.S, S.G Iron and Alloy/Special steel)
  • Average Holding Time
  • Operations cycle (continuous or non-continuous)
  • Tapping temperature of furnace
  • Quality of scrap and additive used
ProductSettingSintering temp°. CMgO % (Min)Fe2O3 % (Max)Cr2O3 % (Max)Rammed B.D at 110°. C MinSiO2 % (Max)CaO % (Max)Grading in mm (Max)Appl. Temp in° CApplication area
Mag Ram (IF)Chemical800 to 85070-82.40--0 to 51750Medium to high frequency induction furnaces making spl steel
Mag Ram (LFX)Chemical80085--2.60--0 to 51750For mild steel and manganese steel induction furnaces

Advantages of using SupraBond™ BRM


  • Higher working life of furnace (nearly 50 to 60% higher)
  • Fewer down-time of furnace
  • Better and Consistent Steel Quality
  • Improved furnace life expectancy
  • Reduction in labor cost
  • Improvised and Continuous output
  • Environment friendly

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