Our plant is equipped with the latest equipment and advanced machinery that help us to eliminate all types of impurities from our products. We are equipped with multiple stage screening systems, rare earth magnets that enable optimum particle size distribution. We are tied up with mines with high-quality Quartzite and are on the process of acquiring our own mines to cater to our plant’s requirement. Besides, we have the processing unit that is mostly automated. Also, we have heavy duty magnets of above 6000 gauss power. This helps us in assuring that the final product does not contain any form of free iron, the presence of which would result in low refractory life.

Since Inception, we have indigenously developed and added refractory materials to our product line. In order to meet the growing market demands, we strive to keep ourselves updated in knowledgebase as well as technology.

Gita possesses sophisticated & modern plant infrastructure and is equipped with two ultra-high-temperature tunnel kilns (1600°C & 1700°C degree), several high capacities pneumatically operated heavy-duty mechanical & hydraulic presses, modern rotary inclined mixers, high capacity & efficient mill house and fully automatic monolithic batching & manufacturing unit.

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