Fire Clay Mortar

Fireclay Mortar as defined has no cement or binder. It might be okay in very thin joints for firebrick not exposed to moisture.


  • High strength
  • Excellent performance
  • Low drying and baking shrinkage
  • High refractory capacity
  • High bonding strength
BrandAl2O3% (Min)Fe2O3% (Max)Grain size in mm (Max)SettingPCE Softing Point °.C (Min)Sintering Temp. °.CService Temp. °C (Max)Application Area
GITMOR-20A204.50 to 0.5Air160012001350For fixing plates setting in steel cassettes.
GITMOR-40403.50 to 0.5Air168012001400General purpose use
GITMOR-HS5020 to 0.5Air170012001550Bricks jointing setting pointing and quick patch repairs
GITMOR-HG4220 to 0.5Air175012001500For laying of high
GITSET-50F502.50 to 0.1Chemical170011501550RHF Walls, Bottom & Roffs, Arc Furnace Roof, Steel Ladles
GITSET-50N5030 to 0.5Air170011001550General purpose use, Re rolling mills
GITMOR-605530 to 0.5Air170011001600RHF Walls, Roof, Steel Ladles (Slag Zone), calcining Zone & General Purpose
GITMOR-70653.50 to 0.5Air175011001600Working Lining Steel Ladles, VAD & V0D Ladles, Burning Zone & General Purpose
GITMOR-70A692.50 to 0.3Chemical175012001650For fixing Ladle Nozzle, well Block, Collecting Nozzle
GITMOR-8OA7520 to 0.5Chemical175013001600Working Lining Steel Ladles, VAD & VOD Ladles, Burning Zone & General Purpose
GITM0R-90K890.50 to 0.1Chemical/ Ceramic175012001750For jointing S.G. Plate/Nozzle