Ramming Mass

It is refractory lining material for furnaces to prevent it from Anti Coating, Corrosion & Erosion. We are producing 40% to 90% Al2O3 based ramming mass and 80% to 92% MgO based ramming mass. Alumina Ramming Mass contains high alumina level and widely used in industries like Non ferrous and ferrous, line and patching material for holding ladles, iron and slag tapping furnace arch and roofs. It is also used in high temperature applied in metallurgical furnaces, lining of rotary iron melting furnace and repair off electric arc furnace. Basic Ramming Mass contains high magnesia aggregates and widely used in Induction and Arc Furnace etc. It is suitable for production of high quality alloy, mild and low alloy steel. Basic ramming mass is made from high quality Dead Burnt Magnesite clinker in association with either Alumina or Chrome, specially bonded with clay and other chemical binders to achieve the desired sintering characteristics.


  • Good resistance to temperature change
  • Short heating and sintering time through dry preparation of masses.
  • To protect the Induction furnace coils with higher lining life.

                   Basic Ramming Mass

ProductSettingSintering temp° CMgO % (Min)Fe2O3% (Max)Cr2O3% (Max)Rammed B.D at 110° C MinSiO2% (Max)CaO% (Max)Grading in mm (Max)Service Temp in° CApplication area
GIT Mag Ram (IF)Chemical800 to 1200703.582.406.002.50 to 51750Medium to high frequency induction furnaces making mild & alloy steel
GIT Mag Ram (LFX)Chemical800 to 1200851.51.52.608.0020 to 51750For special & manganese steel induction furnaces
GIT Mag Ram 84Chemical1200841.522.608.5020 to 51750For construction and repairs of steel operating basic slags (EAF) furnaces
GIT Mag Ram 87Chemical1200871.512.657.5020 to 51750
GIT Mag Ram 92PChemical12509010.52.704.501.50 to 2 or 0 to 51700AOD, Various appl in ferrous & non ferrous industries
GIT Mag Ram 95Chemical13009410.52.801.501.50 to 51750Ramming of Taphole of BOF, EAF, convertor etc
GIT MagFetChemical1200653Traces2.4010.0020 to 51650Fettling of slag line of EAF Tundish Coating, Steel launder coating patching of slag line of steel ladle etc

                  Neutral Ramming Mass

BrandAl2O3% (Min)MgO % (Max)Fe2O3% (Max)Rammed B.D at 110° C (Min)SettingGrading (mm)Sintering Temp °CService Temp °CApplication Area
GIT-AI-Ram-4038 to 40202.52.00Air0 to 511001500Non Ferrous Industries
GIT-AI-Ram-7068 to 70202.52.5Chemical0 to 511001650For High temp application in steel plants
GIT-AI-Ram-EAF60 to 6518 to 202.82.45Air0 to 511001650EAF
GIT-Plast-9088 to 9012 to 141.02.75Chemical0 to 512001750EAF