Low and Special Cement Castables

We are involved in producing Low and special Cement Castables. It contents low cement, low calcium oxide content. Compared with the common castable, High Strength Castable Refractory consumes less water. Thus the density is much higher while the porosity is lower than common castable. It is different from traditional castables, these castables grade aggregated superfine with the same or similar chemical composition as the main material (with a particle size of less than 10 microns) replace most or all of the cement, and refined and scientifically optimized particles. Grading, fine powder, particle morphology and other factors.



  • High fire temperature and high operating temperature.
  • These products are designed to sinter at a relatively low temperature and provide a high degree of alkali resistance at elevated temperatures.
  • Low porosity and high bulk density.
  • Flexural strength increases as the heat-treatment temperature increase.
  • Improved fire-resistance and compressive strength, resistance to slag erosion
BrandAl2O3% (Min)Fe2O3% (Max)Refractoriness Std Orton Cone (Min)Service Temp. °C (Max)Dry Density gm/cc (Min)CCS at 110 °C (Min)CCS at 1100°C (Min)CCS at 1500°. C (Min)PLC at 1110°. C (Max)PLC at 1500°. C (Max)Water Required for Casting %Grain Size mm (Max)Application Area
GITA LC 45451.503215002.20600750900±0.5±1.06 to 6.56Sponge Iron Rotary Kiln, Cement Kiln, DRI Kiln, Incinerators
GITA LC 60601.503616002.456508001000±0.5±1.05.5 to 66
GITA LC 70701.803616002.607009001100±0.5±1.05 to 5.56Tundish Ladle Backup DRI, Alumina Kiln
GITA LC 80801.803717002.7080010001200±0.5±1.05 to 5.56DRI Kiln, Alumina Kiln, Sponge Kiln, Rotary Kiln
GITA LC 90901.003817502.8590011001200±0.5±1.04 to 4.56Striking Pads, Launders
GITA MULYTE LC 60601.003616002.507009001000±0.5±1.06 to 6.56Mullite based special castables for High Temparature Application