Filling Mass

Nozzle Filling Mass

Nozzlex powder made by us are characterized by high temperature resistance, good erosion resistance and corrosion. It is a high refractory material which is a result of a very successful amalgamation of all good products, thus have excellent flow. Ladle Nozzle Filling Compound is Chromite, Zirconia, Alumina and Silica Base that is custom-made according to the prevailing plant practice. It is designed on the most successful combination of ingredients in controlled sizes in appropriate ratios as revealed by experiments in similar simulated conditions.


  • It gives free openings consistently, reduces ladle turnaround time, offer more production with better quality due to greatly reduced lancing and effective coating technique makes it less polluting.

EBT Filling Mass

EBT Filling Mass compound is high refractory Granular material, which is used in Electric Arc Furnace with Eccentric Bottom Tapping for free and easier opening of tap hole. This does not sinter under steel making temperatures and hence remains highly flow able at high temperatures, thus gets out freely ensuring uniform stream of hot liquid. It also minimizes the impact of lancing or poking on tap hole refractory and hence increases tap hole refractory lining life.


  • Ensures free opening of EBT tap hole in EAF/EOF.
  • Minimizes oxygen lancing or poking.
  • Increases the refractory lining life of Well bock & nozzles.
  • Ensures smooth & uniform flow of molten steel from EBT Tap hole.
BrandMgO % (Min)SiO2 % (Max)Fe2O3% (Max)Cr2O3 % (Max)Carbon %SettingGrading in mm (Max)LOI at 900 in °C %Service Temp °C (Max)Application area
Git - EBT - I44 to 45405 to 8Traces2 to 4Free Opening3 to 841600Filing Mass for EBT furnace
Git - EBT - II76 to 8053Traces2 to 4Free Opening3 to 821650Filing Mass for EBT furnace
Nozzlex CR 36 to 83510302 to 4Free Opening0.5 to 1.521700Tundish Nozle opening (Chrome)
Nozzlex CR 58 to 102010-12502 to 4Free Opening0.5 to 1.521750Tundish Nozle opening (Chrome)
Nozzlex ZR 52 to 415 to 18Traces60 (ZrO2)2 to 4Free Opening0.5 to 1.521750Tundish Nozle opening (Zircon)