Spray Mass

Spray mass made by us are refractory mix consisting of fines and additives which are installed with a Spraying Machine (can also be applied with a Gunning Machine). The working lining of Tundish plays an important role in providing quality and cost effective steel.


This product has high corrosion and erosion resistance to steel to have higher life in comparison to tundish board.

BrandMgO % (Min)Fe2O3% (Max)SiO2% (Max)SettingGrading in mm (Max)Sintering temp. °CAppl. Temp. °CDry Density (g/cc)
CCS Vibro Cast
kg/cm² (Min)
PLC % @ 1500/2hr
°C (Max)
Application area in steel industry
at 110°Cat 1500°C at 110°Cat 1500 °C For spraying of bottom and walls of tundish wear linings
Gita Mag Spray 50448.040Chemicals0 to 0.575016001.801.9020-4.0
Gita Mag Spray 60566.033Chemicals0 to 0.575016001.801.9020-3.0
Gita Mag Spray 70665.025Chemicals0 to 0.575016001.851.9520-2.5
Gita Mag Spray 75754.518Chemicals0 to 0.575016001.851.9520-2.0
Gita Mag Spray 80783.0014Chemicals0 to 0.575016501.851.9525-2.0