Alumina Castable

These Castables are kinds of refractory which uses bauxite, andalusite, sillimanite etc. as raw material aggregates and then be mixed proportionately with a binding agent. These castables have extremely high strengths and volume stability at all temperatures. Designed with high proportions of alumina, high-alumina castables contain between 60 to 90 percent alumina. They are much more robust at high temperatures than in basic environments. It can be easily applied in critical area where conventional bricks cannot be laid. It’s mainly used for furnace lining of boiler, blast furnace hot blast stove, heating furnace, ceramic kiln and various industrial furnaces.


  • Good thermal shock resistance
  • High compressive strength
  • Good corrosion resistance
BrandAl2O3% (Min)Fe2O3% (Max)Grain Size mm (Max)Dry Density (g/cc) at 10°C/ 24 hr (Min)CCS kg/cm² (Min)PLC % °C (Max)Refractoriness °C (Min)Recommended Service Temp. in °C (Max)Application Area
GIT CAST (NOR)454.052.1250±1.0 % @ 1400 /2 hrs15801400Foundries, Boilers & Burners
GIT CAST (SPL)453.552.25350±0.8 % @ 1400 /2 hrs15801400Rolling Mill Steel Ladle
GIT CAST (SUPER)704152.4350±1.0 % @ 1400 /2 hrs16801400Boilers & Power Plant Foundries, steel ladle & sms roof patching
GIT HEAT "C"502.052.2350±1.5% @ 1550/2 hrs 16651550Steel Ladle Backup, Sponge Iron Rotary Kiln, Ladle Lip etc Furnace Walls, Pre-heater of Rotary Kiln etc
GIT HEAT "K"601.552.4400±1.5 % @ 1550 /2 hrs16831600Nozzle cover tip casting, Sponge Iron, Rotary Kiln Inlet etc
GIT HEAT "M"801.552.65600±1.5 % @ 1550 /2 hrs18041700Steel ladle spout
GIT HEAT "A"881.052.75650±1.0 % @ 1550 /2 hrs18201750BOF & steel ladle bottom