Gunning Mass

We make excellent quality gunning material from the highest quality Dead Burnt Magnesite which has MGO content ranging from (88 – 94%) and very low silica residue, when mixed with appropriate binders they help reduce rebound loss. Refractory Gunning products are versatile since it can be used as new lining material as well as for repair of the worn-out lining. It is possible to repair the refractory lining by gunning in difficult areas with no form / shuttering and with lesser downtime.


An immediate benefit is life extension of refractory materials at more reasonable cost. The gunning mixes are specifically designed and formulated to reduce rebound loss and minimize dust.

BrandGrading (mm) MaxMgO % (Min)Fe2O3% (Max)SiO2 % (Max)CaO % (Max)SettingBD at 110 °C g/ccCCS at 110°C kg/cm² (Min)PLC % at 1500 °C Sintering Temp in °CAppl Temp in °CApplication Area
GITA GUN - 820-382 (±1)1.504 to 54Chemical2.65200-2.011001700Steel Ladle, for EAF making mild & low alloys
GITA GUN - 900-390 (±2)1.203 to 3.52.5Chemical2.70250-1.512001750EOF and BOF stadium
and mouth making high quality steel
GITA GUN - 920-3921.2022Chemical2.75250-1.512001750EOF high capacity, Convertor tuyer zone