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Refractories for Integrated Iron
& Steel Industries.

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Refractories for Glass &
other Non-Ferrous Metal Industries…

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Refractories for Pellet &
Sponge Iron Industries…

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Refractories for
Petrochemical Industries…

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Refractories for Cement &
other Allied Industries…

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& Forging Industries…

Manufacturer of

Refractory Bricks & Castables

Gita Refractories product line includes High Alumina Bricks, Magnesia Carbon Bricks, Magnesite, Mag-chrome Bricks, Chrome-Mag Bricks, Chromite Bricks, along with Monolithics consisting of Conventional, LC/ULC Castables and Ramming, Felting, Gunning and Spraying mixes. Gita Refractories is a part of Gilada Group and a well know Refractory Manufacturer in South India for Bricks and Castables. We are also involved in Super Refractory Manufacturing, High Temperature Refractory, Sustainable Refractories Manufacturing.

Its head-office at Bangalore and plant in Hoskote, INDIA, Gita Refractories is capable of producing tailor-made refractories to suit specific applications of different industry verticals such as Steel, Cement, Glass, Coke Oven, Sponge Iron, Re-rolling mills, Petrochemical, Non-ferrous industries, Chemical and Incinerators etc.


Gita possesses sophisticated & modern plant infrastructure and is equipped with two ultra-high-temperature tunnel kilns (1600°C & 1700°C degree), several high capacities pneumatically operated heavy-duty mechanical & hydraulic presses, modern rotary inclined mixers, high capacity & efficient mill house and fully automatic monolithic batching & manufacturing unit.

Quality Policy

“Identifying the problems for our customers, searching for viable approaches, and finding optimum solutions has enabled Gita Refractories to be recognized as a highly effective and reliable partner in refractory materials.”