Magnesia Carbon (MgO-C) Bricks

MgO-C brick is a composite material based on MgO and C and bonded with high carbon containing pitch and resin, with some metallic powder as anti- oxidants to protect the carbon. (MgO-C) bricks are made by high pressure. These bricks show excellent resistance to thermal shock and slag corrosion at elevated temperatures. MgO-C bricks are used extensively in steel making processes especially in basic oxygen furnaces, electric arc furnaces, lining of steel ladles, etc. MgO-C bricks have dominated the slag line of ladles as they possess superior slag penetration resistance and excellent thermal shock resistance at elevated temperature because of the non- wetting properties of carbon (graphite) with slag, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion and high toughness.


  • Good high temperature resistance
  • Strong anti-slag penetration resistance
  • Resistance to thermal shock
  • High Corrosion resistance to slag
  • Non-Wettability to molten slag

GITA MCBGold (Electric Furnace Series)

GITA MCBGold (Ladle Furnace Series)

Magnesia Carbon Bricks for Ladle

BrandMgO (%) in FM/DBM used (Min)FC % (Min)BD gm/cc (Min)AP % (Max)Coked AP at 1000 %(Max)CCS kg/cm² (Min)MOR kg/cm² at room temp (Min)HMOR kg/cm² at 1400 °C (Min)Service Temp°C (Max)Application Area
GITA MC - LF 8059853311480160901650Bottom & Metal Zone
GITA MC - LF 8089883311450150901680Bottom & Metal Zone
GITA MC - LF 81098103311400140901700Slag Zone
GITA MC - LF 81298122.95311400140901750Slag Zone
GITA MC - LF 6059653412480140801650Bottom & Metal Zone
GITA MC - LF 6089683412450120801680Bottom & Metal Zone
GITA MC - LF 61096103412400120801700Slag Zone
GITA MC - LF 61296122.95312400120801700Slag Zone

Magnesia Carbon Bricks for EAF/LRF Furnace

BrandMgO (%) in FM/DBM used (Min)FC % (Min)BD gm/cc (Min)AP % (Max)Coked AP at 1000° C% (Max)CCS kg/cm² (Min)MOR kg/cm² at room temp (Min)HMOR kg/cm² at 1400° C (Min)Service Temp°C (Max)Application Area
GITA MC - EF 712971233114201401001750Bottom & Metal Zone
GITA MC - EF 714971433124001401001750Bottom & Metal Zone
GITA MC - EF 71697162.952.8124001401001750Slag Zone
GITA MC - EF 812981233114501601101750EAF/Hotspots Area
GITA MC - EF 814981433124201601101750EAF/Hotspots Area
GITA MC - EF 81698162.952.8124001601101750EAF/Hotspots Area