Pre Cast Pre Fired (PCPF) Block

PCPF blocks are used in the steel plants and other allied industries. They are highly resistant against abrasion and are also long lasting. They have high durability. They are also used with steel teeming ladles to increase the durability of bottom lining.


• High resistance to thermal shocks
• Resistant to erosion
• Resistant to corrosion
• High heat strength
• High resistance to spalling
• Low penetration depth


BrandAl2O3 % (Min)Fe2O3 % (Max)AP % (Max)BD gm/cc (Min)CCS kg/cm² (Min)PLC % (Max)/2hrsPCE Orton Cone (Min)Service Temp.°C MaxApplication Area
GITA LCPC - 80302.3202.00350±1 @ 1350 °C301350Coke Oven and Blast Furnace Battery
GITA LCPC - 90352.3202.05350±1 @ 1350 °C321400For Blast Furnace