Fired Chrome – Magnesite (CHM)

Refractory products made from a mixture of chromite (40-50 percent and higher) and dead burned magnesia. The refractoriness of such products is about 1850°C and higher depending on the purity of the raw material. They are used in cement roasting furnaces and in ferrous and nonferrous metallurgical plants. In addition to bricks, chrome-magnesa products are also made, which are used in the production of Ramming Refractories to line furnaces and in guniting as well.



  • High Refractoriness
  • High Temperature Strength
  • Strong Basic Slag Erosion Resistance
  • Good Thermal Shock Resistance
  • Strong Acidic Slag Erosion Resistence

Fired Chrome – Magnesite

BrandMgO (%) (Min)Cr2O3 %) (Min)AP % (Max)BD gm/cc (Min)CCS kg/cm² (Min)RUL Ta °C (Min)Service Temp °C MaxApplication Area
GITA CHM - T-16018232.90-3.040016501700Lead Smelter
GITA CHM - T-255-5815232.9038515801680Convertor Backup
GITA CHM - T-350-5512232.8-2.9035015801650Rolling Bottom
GITA CHM - T-44010252.7532515001600Rolling Bottom
GITA CHM - T-5408252.7030015001580Torpedo Backup