Chrome – Magnesite (CHM) Bricks

Refractory products made from a mixture of chromite (40-50 percent and higher) and roasted magnesite(MgCO3). The refractoriness of such products is about 1850°C and higher depending on the purity of the raw material. Both roasted and non-roasted chrome magnesite refractories are produced with different binders, for example, refractories reinforced with metal plates.
They are used in cement roasting furnaces and in ferrous and nonferrous metallurgical plants. In addition to chrome-magnesite refractories, chrome-magnesite powder-like products are also made, which are used in the production of Ramming Refractories to line furnaces and in guniting as well.



  • High Refractoriness
  • High Temperature Strength
  • Strong Basic Slag Erosion Resistance
  • Good Thermal Shock Resistance
  • Certain Resistance to Acid Slag

Chrome – Magnesite Bricks

BrandMgO (%) (Min)Cr2O3 %) (Min)AP % (Max)BD gm/cc (Min)CCS kg/cm² (Min)RUL Ta °C (Min)Service Temp °C MaxApplication Area
CHM - T-14818192.9540016501680AOD & Copper Furnace
CHM - T-24515192.8538515801650AOD & Convertor Backup
CHM - T-34512212.835015801650Convertor & Ladle Backup
CHM - T-44010232.7532515001600Rolling Bottom
CHM - T-5408242.6530015001580Rolling Bottom