Alumina Silicon Carbide Carbon Bricks

(Al2O3-SiC-C) Brick is a sort of refractory that is molded by high pressure and not through burning. Its raw material includes Corundum, High purity Bauxite, Carbon black, SIC grades of various purity and sizes and some ceramic reagent in addition. It is mainly used in the lining of Iron and Torpedo ladles, the alumina-silicon carbide-carbon based refractories are suitable as they have the best slag penetration resistance and are thus suitable for slag zone and bottom impact zone of steel ladle as well.



  • High Bulk Density
  • Excellent Refractoriness under load
  • Low Thermal Conductivity
  • Excellent Abrasion Resistant Ability
  • Excellent Thermal Shock Performance
  • Spalling resistance and slag corrosion resistance

Alumina Silicon Carbide Carbon (ASC Bricks)

BrandSic % (Min)Al2O3% (Max)FC % (Min)AP % (Max)CCS kg/cm² (Min)BD gm/cc (Min)HMOR @ 1450 °C (Min)Service Temp.°C (Max)Application Area
GITA ASC - 5 LR5451084002.70901700Torpedo Ladle Roof
GITA ASC - 6 LS6701064002.80901750Torpedo Ladle Slag Line
GITA ASC - 8 LM8601373502.75601700Torpedo Ladle Metal Zone
GITA ASC - 8 LI8681373502.80901750Torpedo Ladle Impact Area